Your Bad Headshots Are Costing Your Business Money

You only get one first impression—so make it work for you, not against you, by investing in a professional headshot. Why? Because your bad headshots are costing your business money.

Studies show people make rapid judgments on your character just by looking at your face—in as little as 33 milliseconds.

A good headshot is more than putting your best face forward. It’s also an entire package that represents who you are and how you do business. A bad headshot doesn’t help your business, and in fact, it definitely hurts your chance of getting new business.

Bad Headshots Speak Volumes

Bad headshots tell us a lot about a person and their business. When you see a bad or outdated headshot, what do you think? You think that person is unprofessional, incompetent, and lacks attention to detail. In some headshots, people use selfies or photos taken at a party, which are not a fit for a professional setting. That’s just awkward.

Just check out this old headshot of mine!

One other response to a bad headshot: cheap! If you come across as cheap and tacky, what does that say about how you do business? No one wants to be perceived as someone who cuts corners and doesn’t care about projecting a polished, professional image. But if you have a bad headshot, that’s exactly what’s happening.

All of these impressions—unprofessional, incompetent, awkward, or cheap—are also a reflection on your brand. Whether your brand is you, if you’re in an individual business such as real estate or sales, or whether your brand is an accounting firm or medical practice, your headshot is telling a story about you and that brand.

A good headshot is a billboard for your personality, character, and brand. Are you approachable and friendly? Are you more straight-laced and buttoned-up? If you’re in a suit, your headshot says “serious.” A blouse or golf shirt projects a more casual image. A good headshot tells people you’re confident, professional, and that you care about your business, which, in translation, means you also care about your customer.

The Cost to Your Business Because of Bad Headshots

Perception is a key factor that influences buying decisions. That means people make buying decisions based on their impressions of you and your business. Wherever your headshot appears, it will be making an impression.

Think about all the places your headshot is being used. On LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. On your website. In digital and print advertising. In sponsorship ads in sports or event programs. On your sales materials, including bio sheets and brochures. On billboards. Some headshots even are used in TV spots. If you’re using a bad headshot, think of all the bad impressions you’re making—and all the lost opportunities you had to make a good one.

Ray Schey, Phoenix Business Journal
Ray Schey editor-publisher of Phoenix Business Journal
Photo by Everardo Keeme

People will make decisions about you and whether they choose to do business with you based on a number of factors, including your name as well as your headshot. You have total control over the quality of your headshot, so make sure it’s doing its job and working for you: projecting a positive, accurate image of you, your brand, and your business.

Up Your Game with Better Headshots

No doubt about it: your headshot is saying something about you. Whether what it’s saying is good or bad is up to you. Trust your Phoenix corporate photographer who knows how to make the true you shine. Contact me to learn more and schedule your session. We can do it in my Arcadia studio or onsite at your office!

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