The Name Everardo

What’s in a name? Well, if you have a unique name you know all of the variations that come from others saying your name.  So At what point do you correct someone? Does it become a joke with you and your friends?  As you can imagine, there is a long list to the variations of my name!

The name Everardo is of Spanish origin and means “brave”  (I guess since I’ve survived the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, that might be true) it is pronunced: eh-veh-RAHR-doh  Click below to listen to the pronunciation

Let’s sit back and enjoy all the variations! Every now and then, someone surprises me with a pronunciation that I have not heard before.  Some of my favorites include:

EVERADOThe most popular misspelling of my name but it’s missing an “R” before the “D”


One of my nicknames is “Ev” which is masculine but “Eve” is feminine, not correct.
so so close!

now you’re just making fun of me right?


Another part to having a unique name? All the nicknames!

Most people can’t pronounce it, so instead of trying to, they makeup a nickname for me.  My name is English = “Everett”  some know me as “Paco” (Which is really supposed to be a nickname for “Francisco“, yeah people just make stuff up sometimes) but heck they even mess that up!

One coffee chain is horrible about getting names right, at one point I had collected over 23 different spellings of the name “Paco”…. I’ve since switched only visiting local mom-pop coffee shops like, Sip Coffee Garage, Hava Java and Black Cat, where the coffee and customer service is much better and they know me by and correctly spell both “Everardo” & “Paco” 🙂

So what about you?  Do you have a unique name?  How do people mess that up?

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