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Your Bad Headshots Are Costing Your Business Money

You only get one first impression—so make it work for you, not against you, by investing in a professional headshot. Why? Because your bad headshots are costing your business money. Studies show people make rapid judgments on your character just by looking at your face—in as little as 33 milliseconds. A good headshot is more […]

Custom Headshot Backgrounds for Business Portraits

As Phoenix’s premier corporate and personal Branding Photographer, Everardo Keeme Photography offers our clients the comfort of having their headshot taken in our professional Phoenix studio . One thing our clients love about us is our fast turnaround time. Our headshots are delivered within 24 hours—and often the same business day!  Another service our clients […]

Debunking Headshot Myths #2: All Headshots Are Created Equal

Melissa Roan Headshot by Everardo Keeme

True or false: all headshots are created equal. FALSE! You read the title of the blog, didn’t you?! No. No. No. All headshots are NOT created equal. Blog over. Just kidding! We need to talk about WHY. What separates a good, professional corporate headshot from a bad one? Naturally, there are a lot of factors […]

Debunking Headshot Myths #1: You Only Need to Update Your Headshots Every Few Years

Everardo Keeme professional headshot in Florida

There are a lot of myths out there about headshots, and without giving any spoilers away, I’m starting a new blog series to debunk them all. First up: you only need to update your headshots every few years. Ha! Try yearly. Does that seem like a bit much? Do you think your headshot from a […]

First Headshot Session in Remodeled Phoenix Studio

On Saturday, August 25th I had my first official photo session at the studio! ???? There are a few finishing touches to do and I’m waiting on the new artwork for the walls to arrive but we’re back open for business! This summer we’ve been remodeling Photo Fusion Studio The studio has been run as a co-op for […]

How to prepare for your headshots with Everardo Keeme Photography

How to prepare for your headshots

Here are tips from Adele at The French Method which is next door to our studio So, it’s time to update your headshot? Maybe it’s been too many years since your last one? Or, maybe last time it turned out like a 1992 Glamour Shot, but you used it anyway because you paid good money […]

7 Reasons You Need a Corporate Headshot for Your Business

Before vs After Photograph

Make Your Business Stand out with a Corporate Headshot In the recruiting world showing a professional image to prospective clients and employers is vital. A corporate headshot is critical to your success. Would you hire a dentist if they had a poor-quality selfie on the sign out front of their business? What about on their website, or […]

Headshot vs Business Portrait?

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HEADSHOT AND BUSINESS PORTRAIT? In the past, having one photo for business cards, newsletters, brochures, website profiles and just about anything else that required your likeness was the norm. One quick photo session, and you’d be good to go. However, as social media exploded and we all became so used […]

Hiring a professional photographer makes me look professional

Special Guest Blog Post Mariah is one of my favorite clients, not only is she smart, sweet and is helping me get fit again but because she ‘gets it’. By that I mean, the hustle of starting your own business and that we can’t do everything. That we should hire professionals to help us. For example, […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshot

chelsea sutton headshot consultmentaz at Photo Fusion Studio by Everardo Keeme Photography

“Why do I need a professional headshot?” Are you trying to figure out what the benefits are to working with a professional photographer to get a new headshot for yourself or to update the entire companies headshots? Look no further, as we have listed our top 5 reasons your company should invest in headshots with […]