How to prepare for your headshots with Everardo Keeme Photography

How to prepare for your headshots

Here are tips from Adele at The French Method which is next door to our studio

So, it’s time to update your headshot? Maybe it’s been too many years since your last one? Or, maybe last time it turned out like a 1992 Glamour Shot, but you used it anyway because you paid good money for it. Whatever your reasoning, here are some tips to help you nail it this time around.

As a salon owner and cosmetologist of over 10 years, I have done countless blow-dry styles, curls and updos for events and headshot sessions. Maybe you can set an appointment with your regular stylist for some hair help, or maybe you will go at it on your own, either way there are a few things you can do on your own to get good results. In addition to hiring a professional photographer, the best way to capture a good photo is, as I like to say, look like you…but better!

You, but better. Sounds easy enough, right? Now, I am not just saying to throw on some lipstick or a tie to up the ante from regular version you. I am saying, without losing authenticity, look like the version of you that best represents the aim of your headshot. Look like the version of you that is rested, alive, well and thriving!

Here’s how:


Look rested by actually getting good rest the week of your headshot. Sleep is your first step to a better version of you, in so many ways. Everardo can do magic with lighting and editing, but the life in your eyes cannot be faked. It’s been said, “The eyes are the window to the soul”


Drink plenty of water in the days surrounding your photoshoot and be sure to moisturize your skin. This, combined with rest, can even reduce appearance of fine lines and help limit editing so you can best represent yourself in true form.


You should style your hair in a similar fashion to that of which you might wear it to an interview, but better. Don’t shampoo the same day, second day hair always styles better. That said, don’t over use hair products on wash day or you will struggle with styling it. For medium to long hair, guys and gals, you might want to use the night before to pre blow-dry some volume in (easiest way is to flip your head over and keep the flow of air going from roots to ends.) *pro tip: sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase reduces frizz and unruly morning hair.

Since you only need your hair to stay looking good for your headshot (versus all day, like for a wedding etc.) use a light hold hairspray so you can manipulate it into additional styles and touch-up during outfit changes. Too hard of a hold and you’re literally stuck.

Invest in a nice shine spray to lightly spritz over your whole head once you’re finish styling. This will give your hair more life and reflection. And, you can always spritz your brush with hairspray before using to help tame flyaways.


Before you head to your headshot session with Everardo, snap a few selfies in your styled looks. Of course, they will be nowhere near the same that Everardo will snap, but you will get an idea as to whether or not you like the look of what’s going on. 

Keep it simple

Don’t overdo your hair, makeup, or clothing patterns. (remember those Glamour Shots of 1992?) Less is more, but keep it polished!

I hope these tips come in handy for your headshot appointment with Everardo!

For additional hair styling tips or a makeup artist referral, feel free to email me at frenchmethodsalon@gmail.com or book me at https://www.hummingbook.com/@frenchmethod


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