Everardo Keeme Speaks at Career Day at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona

This Thursday I had the honor of presenting for Career Day at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona.  One of 18 affiliates across the United States and Latin America, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona helps academically motivated middle and high school students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds and become successful in college and beyond.

I was excited for this career day because the scholars come from a low income background, and because they are so incredibly smart they have grown up thinking that “Doctor” “Lawyer” “Engineer” are where they will end up being because they have never been exposed to all the incredible possibilities there are! Some of the questions they asked included: How did you choose your profession? What does a typical day at work look like? What advice would you have for a current middle/high school student preparing for college?

They are creative kids and quite a are few interested in business, and it was a pleasure to speak about how those two things can come together. As an added bonus it was fun to meet, Michael Zimmerlich, President of 80/20 Records. Michael also happens to be the son of two great photographers, Connie and Bob, that I admire and respect a lot. Small world huh!?

About Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona

Boys Hope Girls Hope firmly believes that children have the power to overcome adversity, realize their potential, and help transform our world. Children create these successes when we remove obstacles, support and believe in them, and provide environments and opportunities that build on their strengths.

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