Employers Look for a Professional Headshot When They Google You


Try it, open up Google and type your name between quotes, like “Everardo Keeme”, then click the Images link and take a look.

Like what you see?  Are you ok with what a potential employer, business partner, client, spouse, or your mom would see?  Now, I have a very unique name, actually there is no one else in the world with the name Everardo Keeme (it’s why my parents never bothered to give me a middle name but that’s another story)  I’m also pretty active on LinkedIn because with over 500 connections it’s a great place to network with people all over the world.  But what if you have a name like James or Mary, which have been the MOST POPULAR names in the US since 1916 (Social Security – Top Names Over the Last 100 YearsYour name search will easily be confused with others.


What does your profile picture look like on your social networks? Ideally it should be a professional picture. Avoid pictures that may portray you negatively. This may sound obvious. However, most people fail to remember or realize that your personal life and your professional life are now intertwined thanks to the Internet and privacy is becoming more and more non-existent. As a result, you must be mindful of what images you post of yourself online and on your social networks. Even though it’s unfair and in many ways unethical for an employer to judge you based on your personal activities or social media accounts outside of work, the fact of the matter is that hiring managers are humans and they have piles of other qualified applicants. In many ways the Google Search is a process of easily weeding people out. This process starts with the headshot. If you have a common name you may be lucky enough to slip under the radar without employers being able to find you, but if you have an uncommon name, you should pay even closer attention to the images you place online of yourself, as well as the content you create and share. -The Huffington Post “5 Things Employers Look for When They Google You

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