Debunking Headshot Myths #3: You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Your Company’s Headshots

Dunston R. Simpson Cox Business Headshot by Everardo Keeme Photography

Hopefully by now you know the value in having staff headshots. I’ve sure been preaching about it! But do you really know how important it is to hire a professional photographer? It’s time to go a little deeper on the topic.

When it comes to having headshots taken for your team, you don’t want to just let Jimmy in marketing take them because he has the fancy camera. I’m sure his Instagram is impressive, but has he ever done a corporate headshot session before? Are you confident the images will be perfect and exactly what you need to boost your business profile?

Or will they be sub-par and inconsistent, eliminating the savings you thought you were getting by choosing not to hire a professional photographer? That would really be too bad, because hiring someone like me, who specializes in this type of photography, will give you team headshots that convey your company message and professionalism through compelling imagery.

Technology Is Changing the Way We Use Headshots

You need to hire a professional photographer because corporate headshots are the business card for the digital age. Your online presence is now your first impression, and if you have headshots that were taken by an amateur, or “hobbyist,” photographer, they likely won’t position you as an expert in your industry. This is why now it is more important than ever before that you hire a professional corporate headshot photographer so you can have confidence they will get them right every time.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

1. To Have Consistent, Quality Images

If you choose to go with an amateur photographer, you likely will get images that come across one of two ways: either they will be completely random and not fit within a single theme, or every employee’s headshot will be exactly the same. Same pose, same background, same everything. How boring does that sound?

A company and team will look more professional when photographed with consistency.

While you certainly want some consistency across your headshots, it should be more about the tone and style of the images rather than the pose and crop itself. Your employees should be posed in different ways that show off their unique features and personalities properly. These are features a true professional will know how to showcase. When you hire a professional photographer, he will be cognizant of your company’s brand and mission and make sure your images are aligned with what you stand for and what image you want to convey.

2. To Save Your Company Time

Part of the reason companies don’t do annual headshot photography sessions is because it is a big investment of company time. But it doesn’t have to be! With careful research and planning, your headshot photography session should only take a matter of minutes per employee.

An amateur can do a Google search about how to conduct a corporate headshot session—or worse, just guess—but when you hire a professional photographer, he will have the skills and experience to pull off your shoot in a quick and effective manner while getting the images right for each member of your team.

3. To Save You Money

Now here’s the big one.

A major reason companies go with someone like Jimmy in marketing is because it is a cheaper option, and they don’t see the value in hiring a professional corporate headshot photographer. But let me tell you—it will cost you in the long run.

Just a few of 125+ employee headshots taken in 2 days by Everardo Keeme Photography

While going with an amateur will be cheaper upfront, the images won’t be as high quality and won’t help you to make a great first impression with potential clients. These headshots can actually make the difference between bringing new business to your company or losing it. That isn’t a risk you want to take!

When you hire a professional photographer, you are making a real investment in your business that will recoup its value for the rest of the year (because, as I’ve said before, you also need to update your headshots yearly!)

Ready to Hire a Professional Photographer?

Just looking at these three reasons, you can see why you absolutely need to hire a professional photographer to bring out the best in your team. If your company is in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, I’d be happy to help show off your company’s personality and give you professional headshots you can be proud of. Learn more by scheduling a consultation online, or give me a call at 480-382-7226.

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