Debunking Headshot Myths #2: All Headshots Are Created Equal

Melissa Roan Headshot by Everardo Keeme

True or false: all headshots are created equal.


You read the title of the blog, didn’t you?!

No. No. No. All headshots are NOT created equal. Blog over.

Just kidding! We need to talk about WHY. What separates a good, professional corporate headshot from a bad one?

Naturally, there are a lot of factors in play here, but let’s try to break things down a bit.

Your Headshot Should Tell a Story

Melissa Roan Headshot by Everardo Keeme

Your headshot is attached right there next to your name. People will see them together and think, “Okay, that’s Everardo, and he’s a photographer. Got it.” I’m using myself as an example here because if I may toot my own horn, I feel confident that when you see my headshot beside my name and bio, it makes me look credible. Yours should as well.

People should see your headshot and have confidence that you are a true professional in your field.

They will envision themselves working with you, building trust and leaning on each other and having a wonderful and successful working relationship. If they have this vision, they will then reach out to you to get things started and everything will go great!

Seriously—that’s the story. And it happens FAST—as in they will make their decision within milliseconds after seeing your headshot. So you need to make a good first impression! A good headshot can accomplish this goal, but a bad one cannot.

Good vs. Bad Headshot

Let’s get into the technical aspects really quickly. A lot of headshots out there are selfies. Don’t do that! Just don’t. Others are cell phone images taken against a white wall. Don’t do that either! Although that’s a small improvement.

Why are these bad? Because they won’t make you look professional or credible. You’ll look second rate. You’ll look like someone who either couldn’t afford professional headshots or was too lazy to invest the time and energy to get them. Now ask yourself: is that someone you want to work with?


This is what I mean when I say that professional headshots are one of the wisest decisions and investments you can make for your business. They will literally help bring business to your door rather than turn it away.

Professional corporate headshot images that are professionally lit, posed, dressed, and edited show that you are someone to be taken seriously—a true expert in your field. They will look natural and present you as a confident businessperson. Someone you’d give your trust and be happy to work with.

See the difference? How about this feedback from Melissa after receiving her new headshot.

Thank you so much I LOVE my photos!
My photos turned out amazing and beyond what I expected. I’m very happy!

Melissa Roan


In my humble opinion, this was a pretty darn easy myth to debunk. No, all headshots are not created equal. Professional headshots will help you generate business while poorly crafted headshots will see your potential clients browsing right past your page.

If you prefer the former to the latter and are based in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, let’s connect and create professional corporate headshots that you (and your staff!) will be proud of. To learn more about my corporate headshot sessions, schedule a consultation online or give me a call at 480-382-7226. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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