Custom Headshot Backgrounds for Business Portraits

As Phoenix’s premier corporate and personal Branding Photographer, Everardo Keeme Photography offers our clients the comfort of having their headshot taken in our professional Phoenix studio


One thing our clients love about us is our fast turnaround time. Our headshots are delivered within 24 hours—and often the same business day! 

Another service our clients love is our custom backgrounds. What’s so great about our custom headshot backgrounds?

  • No matter when or where your team headshots are taken, your staff can get a consistent look and background, and that’s great for your website and for maintaining a professional corporate or personal brand.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t get your whole team in one place at one time. You can be sure that everyone can have matching headshots.
  • Never reschedule a photo session for weather or worry about getting shooting permits. We can do this inside your office or in our studio.
  • Never worry about the heat in Phoenix when we have a cool studio with refreshments on hand!

Let’s walk you through an example: Meet April. Let’s say April needs a simple new headshot. We call this our basic headshot for LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn profile photos are relatively small, we’ll recommend a plain white background so that she can stand out.

But what if April needed a different background to match the look at style of her coworkers’ headshots on her company website? No problem; we got that!

But her company has printed portraits of the management team on the lobby wall of their office; can we match that background too? YES!

April then asks, “Everyone one else is wearing black or gray and I’d like to match them. I wish I had worn my gray suit that day.” Hold on, April; we can help with that too!

A month later, April’s company is sending out a press release with her photo but they wished they had a different background to show off their office or that they are located in Phoenix. Not a problem. We can give April a custom headshot background of an office or downtown Phoenix as well!

click to see both versions

“Wow! I love the custom headshot backgrounds and that you can change the color of my clothing!”

It’s so easy, we can even mock up what you might have looked like in a different profession. Realtor, perhaps?

Just kidding. April really loves her job as CFO of Eberle Design Inc., so let’s create a great photo to show off her and her industry. 

So now hopefully you have a better idea of how cool our custom headshot backgrounds can be. When you’re ready for your new headshot, we’re here for you!

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One thought on “Custom Headshot Backgrounds for Business Portraits

  1. Vivian says:

    My best friend is a photographer and she needed my help finding a backdrop for her sessions, so we came across your article. She does a good amount of headshots and she loves how you talked about on matter where the headshots are taken, the whole staff can get a consistent looking background. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that she can get a new custom backdrop from.

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