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Everardo Keeme, Photographer and owner of Photo Fusion Studio is a guest on the Why Can’t You? podcast

Listen to the podcast Listen to this episode at https://davidbryson7.com/everardo-keeme-photographer-and-owner-of-photo-fusion-studio-is-why-cant-you-podcast-guest-this-week/ Read the transcripts Everardo Keeme is my Why Can’t You? guest this week.  Everardo is a Phoenix based corporate/event photographer with over 10 years in the business.  If you’ve seen any pictures of the Waste Management Phoenix Open in the last 10 years quite possibly […]

Your Bad Headshots Are Costing Your Business Money

You only get one first impression—so make it work for you, not against you, by investing in a professional headshot. Why? Because your bad headshots are costing your business money. Studies show people make rapid judgments on your character just by looking at your face—in as little as 33 milliseconds. A good headshot is more […]

Headshot Testimonial From Birgit Olson with Eberle Design

I recently took the management team’s portraits for one of my favorite clients and after delivering the photos, I recevied this great unsolicited review from my contact. My clients say it best! I’ve known and worked with Birgit many years now and she and the people who work at Eberle Design Inc in Phoenix, AZ […]

Custom Headshot Backgrounds for Business Portraits

As Phoenix’s premier corporate and personal Branding Photographer, Everardo Keeme Photography offers our clients the comfort of having their headshot taken in our professional Phoenix studio . One thing our clients love about us is our fast turnaround time. Our headshots are delivered within 24 hours—and often the same business day!  Another service our clients […]

Debunking Headshot Myths #3: You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Your Company’s Headshots

Dunston R. Simpson Cox Business Headshot by Everardo Keeme Photography

Hopefully by now you know the value in having staff headshots. I’ve sure been preaching about it! But do you really know how important it is to hire a professional photographer? It’s time to go a little deeper on the topic. When it comes to having headshots taken for your team, you don’t want to […]

Who Are You? The Power of Personal Branding

Personal Branding 101: Who Are You?

This is a special guest post by Amanda with Ink & Quill Communications Since you were a little kid, friends and strangers alike have been asking you the age-old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It got you thinking, even if you didn’t have the greatest response. Now that you’re […]

Debunking Headshot Myths #2: All Headshots Are Created Equal

Melissa Roan Headshot by Everardo Keeme

True or false: all headshots are created equal. FALSE! You read the title of the blog, didn’t you?! No. No. No. All headshots are NOT created equal. Blog over. Just kidding! We need to talk about WHY. What separates a good, professional corporate headshot from a bad one? Naturally, there are a lot of factors […]

Everardo Keeme Interviewed on Episode 015 – A Photographer Podcast Interview

Listen on Spotify Listen on iTunes Make sure you listen in, as on this podcast, Matt interviews Everardo Keeme, who is a certified professional photographer and also a professional snorer. Everardo got into photography on accident. He was working a corporate j Make sure you listen in, as on this podcast, Matt interviews Everardo Keeme, […]