8 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Next Corporate Event

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Hire a Professional Photographer for the Next Big Event

Hosting corporate events can be a fun way to treat your employees and do something special for business partners and clients. This is a time to kick back, get out of the day to day schedule, and enjoy the company of the people you’ve built successes with.

But, these events are also a lot of work!

Making memories at your job can be fun and rewarding. We pinpoint the main reasons to hire a professional photographer for your next corporate outing.

Between getting the venue and catering, finding musicians, and making sure every detail is just right, you’re often working until the event starts or as it goes on. With the help of a professional photographer, though, you have one less thing to worry about.

This is someone who can jump right into your event and capture its best moments. From the keynote speakers and major highlights to the candid, funny memories, the right photographer can get it all.

You just have to make sure you’re investing the best professional services – not an intern or an amateur photographer.

Here’s why professional photography services make a major difference at corporate events.

1. Confidence in a Trusted, Experienced Service

When debating between a professional photographer and an up-and-comer with a camera, ask yourself this – do you want to be sure you’re going to get what you expect, or do you want to take a gamble?

That’s what being a professional comes down to.

The people who have spent years building their portfolio, expanding their range of equipment, and getting certifications are going to get it right, every time.

Such photographers have a deep working knowledge of event photography. They have their own style established and a range of past projects to display for you in order to set clear expectations for your event.

Stedman Graham speaks at AZSHRM Conference. Photo by Everardo Keeme

2. Knowledge of the Room and How to Work a Crowd

It’s one thing to know how to use a camera, get the right lighting, and add the finishing touches by editing. It’s another for a professional photographer to be able to shoot the event’s greatest memories and pretty much go unseen.

This person is someone who knows how to get the shots they want (and that you’ve paid for) without disrupting the flow of the event.

They will also know which key people to photograph and the best times to approach them. Meanwhile, there are plenty of great candids being captured, too.

3. Great Communication and a Strong Work Ethic

While you’re scheduling a professional photographer, don’t be surprised if they ask you a few questions. They will likely want to know an estimate of how many people will be attending and a list of the key things happening throughout the event.

This way, they can properly prepare their gear – including which kind of cameras to bring and how many backups they might need – and make sure to be at the right place at the right time.

Knowing such details allows a photographer to be ready to go and front and center as awards or other big announcements are going on. This ensures you end up with the best photos possible.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Adrienne” company=”MODASCAPES Interior Design” image=”https://www.everardokeeme.com/wp-content/uploads/Adrienne-Willford-Hart-headshot-by-Everardo-Keeme.jpg”]Not only did you bail me out of a potentially epic failure… you majorly contributed to the day’s huge success. Everyone raved about how good you were and loved their pictures. [/thrive_testimonial]

4. Respect for Guests and Staff

As a professional photographer is working the room, they are doing so with the utmost respect for the other people at your event.

Guests will not feel like their conversations are invaded or the photographer is hovering. Instead, they will be able to fully enjoy their food, discussions, and entertainment as the photographer captures their memories for another day.

Meanwhile, all the people on staff are able to watch this happen. These are personnel who are managing the catering, the music, and more. They have an eye on everything in the room and can trust that the photographer won’t get in the way.

Such teamwork from a hosting perspective allows the event to go on as smoothly as possible.

5. High Quality, Beautiful Photos

The better an event is executed, the better the photos tend to turn out, too.

This is partly because guests are truly able to enjoy themselves and because everything goes according to plan. It is also thanks to the quality only a professional photographer can bring.

Between having the best cameras, tripods, high-end lens, and even a few assistant photographers, every photo is sure to turn out top-notch. Plus, the best photographers know how to deliver photos in prime condition, too.

You can expect to get your event album in high-resolution, which makes printing and digital advertising much easier.

Scottsdale Interventional Forum | Cardiology Conference Scottsdale, AZ Photo by Everardo Keeme

6. Creative Angles and Captures

In addition to the high-resolution of each photo, you can trust there will be unique, memorable moments in your album. This is thanks to the trained eye only a professional photographer has.

As the event is going by, they are finding all the special details and turning them into works of art. Even the things you or your guests may have overlooked at first do not go unnoticed by this person.

The right photographer is sure to find all the best angles in the room and to highlight all the unique details.

7. Great Event Photos Double as Advertising Opportunities

Between the quality of each photo and the great content the images display, you have so many possibilities of what you can do with a professional photographer’s final product.

Sure, these are great images to keep as memories or to distribute to your internal team and guests. But, such amazing images can be much more!

The photos a professional photographer takes of your event one year can be the visuals you use to advertise it the next year. Or, you can use them right away in a follow-up blog from the event or a social media recap.

8. You Get Your Money’s Worth

Whatever you plan to do with your event pictures, you can always trust they will come out as good as you expected them to be. That is, depending on how much you’re willing to invest.

The bottom line is – if you cut corners on the quality of a photographer, you’re cutting the quality of the final result. On the other hand, investing in a professional ensures you get nothing but the best.

This alone is worth every penny.

If you’re already putting so much effort into a great event with delicious catering and fun entertainment, you have to make those moments memorable. Use professional photography to capture them.

Meet Your Next Event’s Professional Photographer

Professional photographer Everardo Keeme speaks at ASMP Phoenix chapter meting about Sports and Event Photography Best Practices

Do you have an event coming up that you still need a photographer for? Are you unhappy with the results of the photographer you just hired for your recent event?

It’s time to discover the difference a professional can make.


Contact me today to see my portfolio and discuss availability.


5 thoughts on “8 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Next Corporate Event

  1. Callum says:

    At my work, we are having a big event soon and I think it would be good to get some photos taken. As you said here, having a professional photographer would ensure that I’d get high-quality photos. Sure, people can take pictures on their phone, but I’d rather have the work of a professional be on display on our website.

  2. Eli says:

    My dad is hosting an event for his employees, and he is thinking of hiring a photographer. It says here that a cameraman will ask for a list of the key things happening throughout the event. This will be useful so he can have the best images of the event. We’ll reach out to a local professional photographer.

  3. Eileen says:

    It made sense when you said that great event photos double as advertising opportunities. The company I work for will be hosting an event next month. Your article helped me see why hiring a commercial photography service would be beneficial!

  4. Tyson says:

    I like what you said about using a professional photographer so that you can get visuals that can be used for advertising. My boss has been telling me about how he wants to focus on expanding our client base in the coming quarter. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for professionals who can help him with this.

  5. Ron says:

    It’s great that a professional cameraman can take great photos from their best angles turning them into art frames. My uncle manages a youth soccer team, and he wants to have a lot of pictures taken at the game. I will recommend him hiring a good photographer in the area and take some pictures of the entire team and game.

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