7 Reasons You Need a Corporate Headshot for Your Business

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Make Your Business Stand out with a Corporate Headshot

In the recruiting world showing a professional image to prospective clients and employers is vital.

A corporate headshot is critical to your success.

Would you hire a dentist if they had a poor-quality selfie on the sign out front of their business? What about on their website, or on their business cards?

Probably not.

Why? Because it doesn’t portray them as a professional who’s capable of doing their job.

You’d be leery because of that very first impression – like anyone else would be.

In the recruiting world, showing a professional image to prospective clients is just as essential, if you hope to increase your client base.

The benefits of the initial investment for professional headshots are endless and worth every penny.

“ I think it is absolutely 1000% crucial to have a professional headshot. The very first thing I do is look them up on LinkedIn…it’s 2017, headshot or bust!” – Jessica, Recruiter

Keep reading to learn the 6 reasons why a corporate headshot is critical to your success as a recruiter.

1. It Humanizes Your Brand

Your prospective clients don’t want to deal with a faceless brand. They want to see that there’s a real human being behind that company logo.

That’s where having stunning corporate headshots come into play.

Like most businesses, you want to build your online presence and keep gaining clients.

If you think of any thriving business or entrepreneur and check out their social media, you’ll see professional photos on every account. And you’ll find the same polished photos on their website.

Why? Because they recognize that maintaining an outstanding image is vital to keeping their business afloat. And your recruiting business should be the same.

2. Your First Impression is All You Have

You get one shot, that’s all.

According to Psychology Today, we form opinions of others in a matter of seconds. It only takes a few seconds for a prospect to form a first impression of you and your business.

If a potential prospect doesn’t like what they see in those first few seconds of arriving on your website, chances are they’ll click away immediately.

Of course, your website design and branding will have an impact when they land on your website, but having that flawless photo of yourself smiling back at them just might have more of an impact.

Keep in mind, prospective clients will look at various recruitment agencies before hiring.

So, in order to get an edge on your competitors, ensure there’s an impeccable corporate headshot to greet them. Let the professionals do what they do best, so you can get back to what you do best.

3. A Corporate Headshot Helps Establish Connections

Establishing real connections and building relationships will never get old in any business.

But this especially rings true for recruitment business owners.

Your entire business is based on interacting with people and helping those people. So by having corporate headshots, you’re making it easier for your clients to relate to you as a person.

Prospective clients are far more likely to hire a recruiter that has their friendly face plastered all over their website and social media accounts – than someone who appears anonymous because of their lack of corporate headshots.

Professional photos will make you more trustworthy and relatable to your clients. Giving you a leg up on competitors who may not have gotten professional photos done yet.

4. It Makes Prospects Confident in Your Abilities

Let’s face it.

As a recruiting agency owner, you want your clients to be confident in your abilities and feel like your the only one for the job.

Before you’re hired as a recruiter for a business, chances are they’ll Google you and look you up on social media.

As someone who runs a recruiting business, it’s paramount that they locate professional images of yourself.

If they stumble upon inappropriate or unprofessional shots of you, it reflects poorly on your business – and they may think you’re not up to par.

Even if you’re an incredible recruiter, your skills and expertize becomes irrelevant.

5. Corporate Headshots Have an Excellent ROI

As much as many of us genuinely enjoy helping others – we own a business for one purpose. To make money.

It all comes down to the better the return on investment (ROI), the better it is for our business.

When you get corporate headshots done for your recruiting business, there are various places you can use them. Getting more bang for your buck, and a better ROI.

Where Can You Use Your Headshots?

  • Social media accounts
  • Your website ‘About Me’ page
  • On your ‘BIO’ on the sidebar of your website
  • When doing email or marketing campaigns
  • On your business cards
  • When you’re advertising your business

Prospective clients will trust you more when you have personal photos done, which is a form of a return on your investment.

You’ll also be able to show a flair of your personality in your photos – making you more relatable and likable.

Corporate headshots will be the best investment you make for your personal brand.

6. It Makes You Easily Identifiable

Generally, when you see a business’s Facebook page, the photo is the same one across all of their social media accounts. The same goes for on their website and wherever else they advertise their business.

You don’t have to use the exact same image to be easily identifiable. But if you have a professional photo shoot done – it’s smart to use an array of the photos from that shoot.

Once you choose your outfit for the shoot, you can mix up which photos you use on individual social media accounts and on your website.

Since they’ll all be cohesive images, you’ll still look instantly identifiable.

Having a cohesive look across the web is critical so that you’re quickly found and remembered!

Final Thoughts

No matter what we tell ourselves, we live in a society that judges others based on their appearances.

Even those with the best intentions can’t help but judge how someone represents themselves.

This is why in business we always have to be aware of our first impressions and how we come across to clients. The best way to ensure you represent your business professionally is to have polished photos of yourself done as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to have stunning corporate headshots done, contact us – we specialize in professional headshots for every business’s needs.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you mentioned how you’re making it easier for your clients to relate to you as a person by having corporate headshots. I was looking at a brochure of a company yesterday and I saw some headshots of the company executives on one of the pages. From what I’ve heard before, such pictures are usually taken by corporate headshot photography professionals.

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