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Debunking Headshot Myths: You Only Need to Update Your Headshots Every Few Years

Everardo Keeme professional headshot in Florida

There are a lot of myths out there about headshots, and without giving any spoilers away, I’m starting a new blog series to debunk them all. First up: you only need to update your headshots every few years. Ha! Try yearly. Does that seem like a bit much? Do you think your headshot from a […]

7 Reasons You Need a Corporate Headshot for Your Business

Before vs After Photograph

Make Your Business Stand out with a Corporate Headshot In the recruiting world showing a professional image to prospective clients and employers is vital. A corporate headshot is critical to your success. Would you hire a dentist if they had a poor-quality selfie on the sign out front of their business? What about on their website, or […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshot

Phoenix Headshot Male Blue Background

“People tell me all the time, Of course I recognize you, you look just like your picture! For me that is so important because it helps with branding and recognition.” Christie Ellis is a Realtor and Associate Broker with United Brokers Group in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Certified Go-Giver Coach, the 2014 Business Woman […]